5 Must Have Item for Fashionista

“Be your own kind of beautiful.”


Gigi Hadid. | Source: Google.

Are you a stylist, model, fashion lover, influencer, blogger or even only someone who care so much about style? If you are one of those then, most of the times, you must be very enjoyed thinking about what you should wear during the day or even at night. However let’s face it, sometimes it could be quite stressful. Especially when people expect you to look, stylish, all the times, when the truth is sometimes you just want to go out with your pajama, or sometimes you don’t have enough time to think about what you should wear. Here is the 5 must have item for fashionista.


1. Leather jacket


leather jacket top shop
Topshop Leather Jacket | Source: Google.

This is the number one must have item – because, with a leather jacket, every clothes you wear will look 5x times better. It is simple but at the same time keep you to look stylish. A high-quality leather jacket is a little bit expensive, but it’s worth the price. Whenever you feel lazy or in rush, just grab the leather jacket and don’t worry about the rest of your outfit because it will boost your outfit.

2. Black or White Tees


black t-shirt zara
ZARA Black Tee. | Source: Google

Tees is something that is very simple, easy to get and worth it. Black and white are the two colour that is neutral, so you could pair this two colours with others and will still look good. Having a black or white tee is very helpful. If the weather is sunny you could just go out with black or with a tee, pair with accessories and jeans, then voila you will look stylish.

3. Oversized Sweater


zara oversized sweater
ZARA Oversized Sweater. | Source: Google.

When you wear an oversized sweater, you could hide anything behind it. It is easy to wear and very comfortable. At the same time, you will look like someone who is careless but still stylish. Just put your ponytail on together with the sweater and you will rock the show.

4. Ripped jeans


ripped jeans top shop
Topshop Ripped Jeans. | Source: Google.

I do definitely in love with ripped jeans. It is as simple as wearing normal trousers, but it gives a different touch at the end of your style. Just pair your ripped jeans with a white t-shirt and gold necklace – and you are ready to go out.

5. Ankle boots


zara ankle boots
ZARA Ankle Boots. | Source: Google.

Boots is my favorite type of shoes, and ankle boots are the best one – because it is not as complicated as others. With boots, you will look stylish without trying. You could pair ankle boots with jeans or skirt or even short and it will give a great finish look. In addition, if you live in a country with 4 seasons boots will be very comfortable during Autumn – Winter.


“Dress like you are already famous.”

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