Top 5 High Street Fashion Brands

“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.”

oxford street
London Oxford Street. | Source: Google – Daily Mail.

High street brand is well known as the brands that are mostly used by people. It’s also normally categorized as brands that are high quality but the price is still affordable – not as expensive as luxury brands. Nowadays, there are lots brands that are categorized as high street brands. Here is my top 5 list of high street brands.


ZARA Logo. | Source: Google.

This Spanish clothing brand is my number one favorite brand. I have been using ZARA ever since I was a little girl. Started by using “Kids” category – changed into “TRF” – until recently I have started to use “Woman” category. I have been through my style revolutions with ZARA. Their style is very classic and edgy. ZARA style always follows trends while keeping up with their intelligent looks. ZARA blazers and coat are the two of my favorites. Their boots and bags also are two of my most favorites item from this store.


2. Top Shop
Top Shop Logo. | Source: Google.

Top Shop was first founded in Sheffield, England. This British brand is very famous for people in between 15 until 25 years old. Top Shop style always very high street and edgy. Their jeans are probably one of the best high street jeans. Top Shop ripped jeans is definitely my favorite. This brand is worth having because their style has always been very up to date, and their clothing quality is highly competitive.


3. River Island


river island
River Island Logo. | Source: Google.

River Island is another British brand that I’m in love with. River Island style is slightly different with Top Shop. Top Shop is more casual while River Island is more excentric. What I like the most from River Island is their mixture of unique style but still classy and edgy. River Island accessories probably one of my favorite. They always have a new and unique design of accessories, as well as jackets and coats.


4. Pull & Bear
Pull & Bear Logo. | Source: Google.

This brand is my favorite brand during my high school year. Pull and Bear style is edgy and casual. It tends to follow teenager trends. The must have item from this brands are jeans and jackets. Pull and Bear top also in high competitive with Top Shop. They always have new interesting designs of jackets that I’m in love with.


5. Marks & Spencer
marks and spencer
Marks & Spencer Logo. | Source: Google.

Marks & Spencer style could be argued “very British”. This is because the majority of British designers, bloggers, stylist (and any others people that work in this industry) tends to dress up very classy and intelligent. This style does represent Marks & Spencer. Marks & Spencer clothing item is fit for people that are working. Normally Marks & Spencer will use calm colour for their clothing. In some cases, they also provide a floral pattern for dresses or tops.


“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.”


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