4 Reasons why the UK wants to leave the EU

“Let’s take back control of huge sums of money, take back control of immigration, take back control of our democracy.”

Brexit - nursebuddy.co
Brexit. | Source: Google – nursebuddy.co.

Brexit is a bad news to many people, but it’s also good news to some others. The result of the referendum that was held June last year has surprised many people. The people of the UK have decided to leave the European Union. But why? Many people have questioned this as many thoughts that the relations between the UK and Europe are good. But actually, it’s not so well. This article is not talking about the social relations, it’s talking from the political perspectives. Even since the beginning of the European Union creation, the UK has always stepped aside from the EU. Thus, it’s actually not very surprising that the UK has decided to leave EU. Here is the breakdown of 4 main reasons why the UK wants to leave the EU.


The UK and the EU laws
law - univerity of utah leap
Laws. | Source: Google – University of Utah LEAP.

The European Union law is supranational which means that the EU law is not confined by the national law. This is something that most British politicians don’t like. Having to make a decision-based in Brussels rather than in-house of commons is overwhelming. The EU has started to act like a nation-state rather than a continent organisation. This definitely has threatened the sovereignty of each countries member, including the UK. In addition, if the EU has decided to make a law, all the members must obey the law. The thing is, UK government has always been good at following the law, while the other European countries are not so much.


Border controls
border controls - parliament street
UK Border Controls. | Source: Google – Parliament Street.

The Europe migration to the UK is overwhelming. Because of the EU laws allowed EU citizens to move broadly without border consideration, the UK has lost their power to control migration from Europe. There are 27 countries in the EU that could come, live, and work in the UK without immigration control. The problem is, there is no guarantee that the people who come to the country are those with good intentions. Moreover, there are lacks of border controls in Europe and this definitely will impact the UK. If someone could enter at least one of the Europe country that lack of immigration control – this could be dangerous to the other 26 countries. Border control is very important, especially in the meantime, and the EU doesn’t seem to take it very seriously.


Give up pound-sterling to euro?
empresa journal
Pound-sterling. | Source: Google – Empresa Journal.

By 2020, the EU has agreed to convert all currency into the euro – which is something that the UK doesn’t want ever since the beginning of the consolidated of the UK to the EU. Using single currency of euro many fears that it will lead into a huge economic crisis. Such as what happened with Greece economic crisis in 2015. Moreover, UK economy is one of the strongest in the EU. It’s not purely beneficial fro the UK to give up their currency to the Europe.


It’s not just the UK that needs EU, but also the other way around
Institute of economic affairs
Brexit. | Source: Google – Institute of Economic Affairs.

What many people don’t remember is that the European Union also needs the UK. It’s not only one side relationships, it’s both side relationships. The EU will also want to trade with the UK, even after Brexit. For the first couple of years after Brexit, it will be a rough time for the UK – However, after 2-3 years, the UK will be more powerful than before. This is where we shall see that in the end of time, the EU will need the UK as their trading partner. Even though the UK can’t get the free single market access, the trading between the EU and the UK will keep on going.


“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get back the independence and self-governance of this nation.”

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