“What’s wrong with just being you?’

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Don’t we all feel that sometimes? When we want to do something – the thing that we like – we just don’t do it because we are too afraid of what others will think if we do. We know we shouldn’t think that way, cause in the end of time, this is our life and we are the owner of our life. However, it’s still hard sometimes to just being you 100% especially if who you are is something that you think won’t fit the society very well. We humans have a brain that thinks too much. Moreover, not all human are kind – which makes it even harder for you to just being you without afraid of getting rejected by the society. So here is on today post, how to embrace yourself without thinking about what others think towards you


Focus on yourself
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It’s been said that anything you focus on will grow. Whether it’s love, relationship, career, anything – when you focus on something, it will grow. Focusing on yourself will make you realized that what matters the most is you. You are your number one priority and your job in life is to make yourself happy. Do things that you love that definitely will bring happiness towards you. When you do this all the time. You wouldn’t care anymore what others things towards you. Because what matters the most in this life is you.


What's impossible for others is possible for you
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Sometimes people say that you can’t do something because it seems impossible for them – or for the society. In general, you got an idea that something is just too not real to be real. Is it bad? Well, it’s not if you are a realist type of person. But how if this is the thing you’re very passionate about – the thing that you really want to do in your life. You might have the arguments inside you – “Should I do this? May be I could. Hmm, wait no. Everyone says it’s not possible. They’re right. Let’s just don’t do it.” Isn’t it tragic how people could stop exploring themselves only because of the society? This is definitely lead into “False consciousness”.


Your only limit is you
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This is something that you need to remember very clearly. In the end of time, your only limit is you. Hundreds or even thousands of people in this world can say that you can’t do something – but if you believe you can, you will. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we limited ourselves. We have this kind of doctrine in our mind what we can and can’t do, what normal or what isn’t normal. When we don’t realize that we actually set it up ourselves. It’s very important to open your mind and see things widely from different perspectives. Therefore, you will start to realize that there are so many opportunities towards you.


Remember that you're not alone
those wo matter don't mind
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Sometimes we don’t do the things we like because we don’t want to be seen “Weirdo” or anything that doesn’t fit the society in general. We forget that actually, we are not alone. There must be someone out there that thinks the exact same way as you – you guys just don’t know each other yet. Once you come to the community or society that have the same interest with you, you will start to see that you actually are not alone. If you’re in a place where you feel like you don’t fit, my advice is just to leave it there. Find the place or community where you belong. The people that have the same interest with you. This really helps you to embrace yourself, and even better, to improve yourself.


Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind
remember that you're not alone - pinterest
Girl photography. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

In the end of time, the people that decided to judge you are those who don’t matter in your life. Because the people that are matter wouldn’t mind on whatever things you decide to do in your life. There are the people that love you eventually and will support you in whatever decisions you make. So just be yourself, do what you like and embrace yourself. Don’t even bother to think what others think towards you. As long as you don’t harm anybody, there isn’t right or wrong in life. Remember that in the end of time, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


“Never sacrifice who you are, or who you aspire to be because someone else has a problem with it.”


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