“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible”

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It was first started when Valentina entered ballet school in the age of 4. For about 7 years, she pursued her career as a ballerina. She has appeared in lots of musical theater – both for ballerina concert as well as drama musical. Thus, she grew up with classical music, and by the age of 5 Valentina first entered music school. Specialized in classical piano, Valentina has done many concerts, once or twice a year for about 6 and a half years. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach are her childhood friends.

Valentina first big performance was her appearance in “The Nutcracker” that was held in The Jakarta Art Building or historically known as Schouwburg Weltevreden.



E A R L Y – C A R E E R

By the age of 15, Valentina decided to enter her career in this industry. Although it wasn’t an easy journey, she has made lots of achievement in 2 years. In 2013, she officially became an Ambassador and Representative of Provoke! Magazine. Her first appearance was in the Gogirl! Magazine, makeover section – on the August 2013 issues. Not long after, she appeared on the Provoke! Magazine December 2013 issues. Moreover, she has joined Girlfriend Magazine fashion academy as well as Girlfriend Magazine Self Respect Campaign. She appeared on the Girlfriend Magazine May 2014 issues.

One of Valentina first big achievement was her catwalk runway with the Asian Next Top Model Season 2 in 2014.




Valentina currently is a resident of England. She has moved to the country since 2015 and decided to focus on her education and personal life. However, it doesn’t last long. About one year after moving to the country, Valentina has decided to go back to the industry. The first thing she decided to do is to re-open her blog that she closed several years ago, only this time, she makes it even better. Her platform is Instagram which she has reached over 24.000 followers. In 2017, she officially becomes social media influencer and gets represented by many social media influencers agency such as Revluence, Cohley San Fransisco, Brand New IO and Heartbeat. She has worked and collaborated with her fellow bloggers and several different brands and companies. She has also become the Ambassador of Skinny Coffee Club and collaborates with NA-KD Fashion, X-Lash Cosmetics, iDeal of Sweden, Soufeel, and many more.

In October 2016, she reached over 7.000 followers on Instagram. Her Instagram has grown lots more in the past one year. By the end of Summer 2017, she has reached over 20.000 followers.



W H A T – H A P P E N S – N E X T?

While focusing on her final year honours degree in International Relations and Politics, she committed to continue her career as a blogger and Influencer. At the moment, she also works for Oxfam Great Britain and Cancer Research UK. Her passion is to fight for human rights, equality, and peace together with the United Nations and other NGOs/GOs. She also has passions on her current career and committed to continue being a blogger and Influencer that inspired many people, especially young teenagers.



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“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life”