How to embrace yourself without thinking about what others think towards you

"What's wrong with just being you?' Don't we all feel that sometimes? When we want to do something - the thing that we like - we just don't do it because we are too afraid of what others will think if we do. We know we shouldn't think that way, cause in the end of [...]

5 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." Many people live their life but only a few that truly living. I can’t really remember when, but I do remember when I realized that I don’t want to be like normal people that only live their life. I want to be one of those people [...]

How to Feel Confident from the Inside

"Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it." Have you ever been in a situation when you have used your favorites clothes, with full make-up and fabulous shoes – but you still don’t feel confident from the inside? It’s like no matter what you wear or do, you will still think something is [...]

5 Ways to Get Over A “Failure”

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, i'm telling you it's going to be worth it." In life, failure is something that we experienced. It’s not an easy situation, especially when you have failed for so many times. It takes courage to be able to try again. It's definitely not a good thing [...]

5 Ways to Stay Positive

"Train your mind to see the good in every situation." Nowadays, living in this world is getting hard to stay positive. Especially when you are surrounded by people that tend to bring negativity to your life. We have too many things to do at once, and sometimes life could be hard. When life is getting [...]