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What is Cerebrum Èt Style?

Cerebrum Èt Style is a blog, website, and place where people can find various topics and areas of interests to be discussed. From mental health to fashion, health to travel, politics to technology, Cerebrum Èt Style has it all.


What does Cerebrum mean?

The word Cerebrum came from the Latin word of the brain. In medical term, Cerebrum is a part of the brain that performs high functions such as interpreting touch, vision, and hearing, together with reasoning, emotions, speech, as well as the ability to learn and control movement.


What does Èt mean?

‘Et’ is a French word of ‘And’. The apostrophe/accent grave in the word ‘Èt’ was to symbolize the French word.


What does Style mean?

The word Style represents fashionable, elegance, and sophistication.

The combination of these words (Cerebrum – Èt – Style) symbolizes the idea that people can have a balance of everything, and are, for sure, capable of doing different things at once.

Why Cerebrum Èt Style?

What makes Cerebrum Èt Style different is that there is no one specific area of interest to be talked about. As we live in a world that is connected, one thing often leads to another. Therefore, it is mindful to be aware of different things and a certain area of life. The idea of Cerebrum et Style also came from the fact that people can have many interests at once and does not has to focus on one specific thing. There are six categories in the Cerebrum et Style, those are Mental health (Mindfulness), Fashion and beauty, Health and lifestyle, Law and Politics, Travel, and last but not least, Technology and Environment.

Do the impossible …

… break the unbreakable


Life could be hard and difficult sometimes. The power of our minds will determine how we cope with obstacles in life. As humans, we often think too much. Our mind could process around 60,000 – 80,000 things in a day. We often feel stressed about things that have happened (in the past) or thing that will happen (in the future). While we are obsessing over this stuff, life is happening right now, in the very present moment. Being able to tune in the moment and aware of things surrounded us will open our eyes to a more meaningful life.

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Fashion and Beauty

From Milan to Paris, from Vogue to Bazaar, from Givenchy to Tom Ford, from ZARA to Topshop, from Elegant to Chic, fashion has connected all of us. Fashion week has become our trends on what we pick and choose for the season. Different fabrics, different textures, different colours, different lines, we choose and create what fits our personality. Without we even realising, our style has become our identity. In combination with the art of make-up, we create art in ourselves that we own. With style, we create the beauty that represents ourselves. The fashion industry has enabled us to express ourselves in an enchanting way.

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Health and Lifestyle

Health is the most important aspect of our life. Yet so many people often forget how important having a healthy lifestyle is. Sometimes we are too busy at work, or we do not have enough time to exercise, or we are too tired to prepare a healthy meal. We do not prioritize health because we thought that, unconsciously, it is not that important. When in fact, without health, we could collapse in a second and all of sudden we are unable to do all the things that we want to do. Creating a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically, will bring us joy, fulfillment, and everlasting happiness.

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Law and Politics

We live in an era where our world is at stake. There are threats everywhere, conflicts in different parts of the world, environmental crisis, human rights abuses, poverty, inequality and so on. Being aware of political and legal issues surrounded us, will open our eyes to the kind of world we live in, and perhaps, we can contribute. Governments are often forgotten their purposes once they seat in the office. Thus, it is our duty as ‘the people’ to monitor the work of the governments. With different arguments and perspectives, we could provide solutions and help to make the world a better place.

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The world is an extensive place, full of beautiful scenery in so many different parts of the world. It is full of different cultures, different languages, different foods, and other things that we only can experience and see when we travel. Only with traveling that we could see the world from a different perspective. Understanding different perspective will open our mind and our eyes to what truly matters in life. Travel is the real adventure, the un-replaceable experience that one could never forget.

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Technology and Environment

We live in the fourth generation of the industrial revolution. Technology is growing and the way we live our lives will change significantly. The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created debates involving different perspective on things. Whether or not the world is ready for advanced AI to be involved in every second of our life, is a discussion for another time. The real thing is, advanced AI is coming and we need to be prepared to adapt for the change. On the other side, we are facing an environmental crisis. Our climate is changing, there are people on the other part of the world that have faced the consequences of climate change. We, as ‘the people’, need to pressure our governments to take action on climate change.

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Life is short …

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About Vàlentina Laura

Valentina Laura was born on 11 April 1997. She has become a blogger since 2014 and has officially announced her website in 2017. She has many interested, that is why it is not a surprise that her blog has many different genres. From mental health to fashion, health to travel, politics to technology, Cerebrum et Style has it all. Her main social media is Instagram (valentinalauraryca), in which she obtained over 20,000 followers. Outside her blogging, she works in the public sector in the UK, and she was also a web developer in a charity organisation. She graduated with dual honours (BA) in Politics and International Relations, and have completed her master’s degree (LLM) in International Law. Her childhood dream was to work in the United Nations, in which she wants to make the world a better place.

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